DCT-SENT Tuning Box Chip


Cutting Edge Performance Tuning

The DCT-SENT Multi Channel Tuning Box is at the cutting edge of digital tuning box technology. It has the capacity to remap the latest brand of digital sensor based engines from Audi, Mercedes, Porsche Volkswagen and other manufactures using SENT sensor technology. Powered by a powerful 80 MHz ARM microprocessor it remaps vehicle performance on the fly based on live digital data received via a supplied interface harness. The engine fueling profile of the vehicle is then altered to improve power and torque delivery whilst eliminating flat spots in individual gear acceleration arcs, creating a smoother and more responsive driving experience. Additionally the DCT-SENT features a dynamic adjustment of tuning levels depending on engine revs where applicable. A special feature of this model is that the keypad enables you to choose up to 4 different program strengths - Power, Sport, Economy, OFF. Each of the 3 active programs (Power, Sport, Economy) can be fine adjusted in 7 levels. Total of 21 possible settings.


4 Operating Modes and 7 fine tuning levels on the 3 active programs.
External Keypad Map selection making adjustment easy to adjust
Can Control up to 6 sensor inputs simultaneously
RPM monitoring ability via camshaft sensor input
Suits both Turbo Petrol and Diesel engines
Can be reprogrammed to suit other vehicles (Subjected to compatibility)
Quick Plug N Play Installation (Approx 10-20 minutes for most vehicles)
Totally undetectable once removed reverting vehicle back to original factory state