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  • Performance Chip

    Hi James, received new harness earlier this week as promised – installed last night with Ultimate9…………..what a difference! Thanks for you help and info this diesel unit is awesome!


  • Performance Chip

    Great product. Fast delivery. Bought about a month ago and still very impressed. Looking forward to seeing how my truck pulls the boat this xmas. Love the Bluetooth feature.


  • Performance Chip

    I have had the chip in my BMW X6 now for a month or two. It is living up to all of my expectations. As soon as I installed it I immediately gained an improvement in fuel economy. The power was also better without chewing more fuel. OUTSTANDING! Have recommended it, and at least one mate has also bought one. Thanks Chip My Diesel.


  • Chip and Throttle Controller

    Great product and speedy service. Makes my T-Roc go like my old Golf R. Highly recommend. Very Happy.


  • Performance Chip

    Hi guys, very impressed with the quality and finish of the product. Easy to install, even though on the Q3 the sensor is in a bit of a tight and hidden location. I'm even more impressed with the performance increase and how quickly I received the postage in the mail. Definitely recommend you guys to my mates. Keep up the great work.


  • Performance Chip

    Had this chip fitted for 4 weeks now and all good. As a rep I do allot of kms and not only does it have more power getting more kms to a tank now. Had one on my 3.2 Ranger and it also had similar results. Great service and Product.


  • Performance Chip and Pedal Box

    Great product and delivery. Gives the truck that little bit extra that it needed. Don't know why Great Wall don't doe this themselves. Love this new Cannon


  • VP44 Chip

    Arrived very quick, was very easy to install and makes a great difference on the normal setting and on high is just a new car much more power and better torque throughout the whole rev range


  • Chip Tuning Module

    Thanks James, Great service . Chip fitted while we waited . Great performance upgrade on setting 5 . Fuel economy down by 4ltrs per 100 klms@ 100klm per hour.

    Steve Capewell

  • CRTD4 TWIN Channel Diesel Tuning Box Chip

    Vehicle has averaged 6.6 l/100km for 99000km. Successful installation, full power & have never seen such frugal fuel consumption! Test run at 6.0 /l/100km with full power, I've never seen below 7 l/100km since I've had it. I'm now backing off the throttle to bring me back down to 60kmh. Well recommend this product!


  • Chip and Throttle Controller

    When I installed the engine chip it changed my Hilux from sluggish to capable. Now with the addition of the throttle controller, its taken it from capable to downright exciting!


  • D23 Navara 2.3L 140KW Chip

    Tried to install myself over the weekend and didnt read the instructions properly, went in to see the team and they installed for me for free aswell as test drove with me and taught me all about it. 10/10 product, service and performance. Highly satisfied and recommend.


  • Tune chip

    Went to the shop and they installed it on the spot free of charge. Made a massive difference and the customer service was great. Really would recommend this product.


  • CRTD4 Twin channel tuning box chip

    The Musso was pretty zippy stock standard, however I wanted some extra torque for towing our 2.5 tonne caravan. I actually hadn't towed the van before the chip, however it towed it easily.I had the chip on position 5, which seemed to be just right. I had towed the same van with a 2017 Colorado LTZ over the same route, and the fuel consumption was 17L/100 KM. The Musso was slightly better at 15.5. Normal driving without towing, I noticed an improvement of approx 1 litre er 100 km with the chip. I am very pleased with the results, and have found the guys at Diesel Chip Tuning to be very easy to deal with and extremely helpful . I would certainly recommend the product.answering my questions prior to purchasing the chip.

    Peter Philips

  • td4 twin channel

    purchased the chip but did not expect too much but by fitting it the car is way more responsive and the turbo lag has been eliminated,the setting has been left at 4 and the difference is quite amazing recommened this upgrade

    steve heathfield

  • Vp44 diesel chip tuning box

    Car was a slug. Absolutely useless at moving anywhere, even patiently. This box just turned it into a new car. Medium setting was like WOW. High setting has me grinning ear to ear. Stoked AF. Was originally very skeptical but took the plunge in the end. Worth every penny Wish i hadnt procrastinated and got it earlier.


  • TDI tuning chip

    I brought my tuning chip about 8 months ago, at first I was a little skeptical but since then I have measure performance on my Toyota Fortuner 2.8 diesel. Fuel consumption is marginally better about 1.5lts, but for me the best part is the duration's between the DPF burns, the old Toyota on short runs around town was around every 200ks to the next burn, with the TDI chip around 300k's, on a long run around 420k's with the burn duration also being shorter anywhere between 30k' to 60k duration's. I run the chip on setting 3 although top end speed hasn't increased certainly the pulling power has improved and this was the reason I brought it in the first place, I coupled the chip to an I Drive throttle sensor which I run on U2, along with the extra engine torque the throttle sensor delivers it all little quicker, if I require an extra snap I can still use the Toyota power button on the consul, all in all happy customer.


  • I drive

    Hooolly crap, WOW!!! The difference is insane, wasn't expecting that much! I have power on tap now and a big smile on my face. 5 stars all the way, thanks and job well done


  • Performance Chip

    Have had the chip in for over six months now WOW what can I say I use to need a airstrip to overtake someone now I can go around three cars at once no joke this thing is amazing I use to struggle to up hills to the point it would nearly be easier to put in 4X4 to get up now I can hold 110km up most hills it exceeded my expectations considering I thought it was a lot of money if it doesn't do much I was wrong best money I ever spent cant recommend enough


  • Diesel Chip and Throttle controllerp

    Would like to say thank you for Daniel setting my LDV up today with the diesel chip and wind booster , such an immediate response to the torque / power and throttle response far exceeded what I had imagined , I can't wait to put the camper trailer on the back and see how the LDV responds.


  • CRTD4-Ver 1.3 Tuning Box.

    I made a booking a week ago to have the unit fitted by Dan and James and this was fitted the following day at their work shop. This vehicle has a common rail sensor in a fairly inaccessible position which necessitated removing the left front wheel and working through the inner wheel arch. Dan managed this despite a still hot engine and working on his back,,he persisted and with his never say die attitude succeeded after 15 or so minutes. The chip has transformed the car, little or no lag, incredible low down torque and engine seems smoother and much more responsive, I ,look forward to hooking up the van very soon. Wish to thank both Dan and James,they are very professional and readily answered any of my questions, no charge for fitting by the way,very refreshing these days you must agree. Thanking you both, Bob.


  • CDRT4 with Bluetooth and Throttle controller

    Very fast delivery. Received next day. Fitting was very simple and results were great. Highly recommended.


  • CRTD4

    The tuning box makes a definite difference to the power. I've done over a thousand kilometres with it on. The most effective setting for this vehicle is 7, the lower settings use more fuel and deliver less power. The overall fuel consumption is similar to standard so no improvements there however as stated previously, there is a definite power improvement especially at low RPM.

    Tony Cooper

  • CRTD4

    All I can say is WOW!!! What a total difference my car is. It has transformed the car into a screamer. Best thing I have ever purchased. Fantastic Tuning Unit. Thankyou Reno

    Nazzareno Santosuosso

  • CRTD4

    Tuning box arrived today and was a breeze to install. Took me longer to cable tie the cabling than to install it.!! Went for a 70km drive as recommended on setting 4 and the car is just transformed. The low rpm response is just night and day from before. The auto gearbox also seems happier with the extra response and doesn’t hunt between the first 3 gears as much. Great product so far and look forward to exploring the other 6 settings.


  • CRTD2

    Just wanted to provide you with some more feedback on your product now that it has been installed in my 2007 Pajero for a few weeks. WOW! I did not expect the change to be so marked. I have noticed an increase in power and torque. But by far and away the most impressive thing is the fuel economy. I am getting 100K extra out of a tank. Is that possible or am I missing something? Best thing I have done for this car ever! Congratulations on a fine product.


  • CRDT4

    I purchased this unit primarily to improve the torque of the engine for towing the caravan. If the fuel consumption ( 17.7l per 100km) stayed the same all good as I wanted the improved torque for dragging the van up hills. To my surprise, today the first trip towing the van over 200kms of varied road conditions I averaged 16l per 100kms. This was on the factory preset number 4 setting. So saving 1.7l per hundred will soon have the turning module paying for itself. Very impressed.

    Andrew McRae

  • CRTD4 Twin Channel, Bluetooth and Windbooster 3S

    I must thank James and Daniel for their professinalism. I was invited to their workshop for imstallation. Everything was expalined in detail on how it all works together to achieve a great result for a vehicle that was extremely sluggish. After the initial test drive, I was very impressed with the difference in power. After the throttle controller was installed, the response and driveability was completely changed for the better. I could not be any happier and would highly recommend this installation to anyone with a Diesel engine. Thanks guys.


  • CRTD4

    I have a 2014 Nissan Navara d40 se, I have steel bull bar and side bars and steel rear bar all TJM products, 32inch tyres, 3inch exhaust and snorkel. Yes it went ok, but was hearing a lot about chips, I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of suppliers .Then spoke James. He was very helpful and not at anytime did i feel pressured into buying after a couple of calls. I then made the decision to purchase a tdi tuning chip. We booked it in and turned up early that day from excitement. James talked with me on every step I then took it for a drive and couldn't believe the preformance increase! Im so happy ....THANKS JAMES! GREAT JOB!

    Ray Church

  • CRDT4

    I purchased a CRDT4 in the quest to improve the towing ability of my 2.5 litre diesel Nissan Pathfinder. I tow a 2.7 tonne caravan on numerous trips in varying terrain, and have found the improvement in towing ability has been very noticeable. I generally tow at about 90-95 km/hr when suitable always in manual mode on my automatic gearbox. The overall improvement in tractability enables me to tow in a higher gear when the terrain suits as well as enabling better climbing performance on the hilly bits. Overall economy has not been affected in a noticeable way (On a recent trip over the length of the Murray River, I averaged 17.4 km/100k) over varying terrain. The unit was set on the 5th setting, as I wanted a power/torque increase without major fuel costs. This has been achieved and I can recommend purchase of this item to everyone who is seeking improvement in their vehicle.

    George Liepins

  • CRTD4 Twin Channel Diesel Tuning Box

    bought one for my jeep, as I felt sluggish at traffic lights. and this product helps me a lot, i would never look another brand as this quality is top notch, even the instruction comes with it. it makes installation so much easy. thank you.


  • CRTD4 Bluetooth

    Quality piece of kit and wiring harness. Easy to install with clear instructions,fired up without issue. Ran on 4 for 30km as instructed, could feel torque/power improvement with more acceleration immediately. Drove up a steep hill for 10km on 7, held gear and even more acceleration/ throttle response. Also quieter with some engine/transmission harmonics gone. Bluetooth option worked seamlessly with simple phone app for position selection on the fly. Bought to improve towing performance, but this will show benefit every day. Diesel Chip Tuning kept me informed throughout purchase with quick shipping. Highly recommend.

    Graham Tierney

  • CRTD4

    Spoke to James on the phone because I was a bit skeptical about the 30{6209c86cf6fb0ac6e48160a53cd2518c5265d83f19a78f47dd95f0d5fd7012e9} hp increase. I was going to go and pick up the unit because I didn't live too far away. James said that he would fit the unit and I could go for a drive and if I didn't like it he'd take it off. Well what a fantastic difference it made. I have had it now for two weeks and its absolutely fantastic. The added power and torque are amazing. I drove to the coast yesterday and averaged 4.8lit per 100. BMW claim 5.5 as best. Coudn't recommend it highly enough.

    Bruce Davis

  • CRDT4

    Awesome product and customer service. Installed on my Mitsubishi ASX and greatly reduced turbo lag and now has great pick up for better overtaking and an overall better car to drive


  • CRTD4 + Windbooster

    Just wanted to thankyou both for your outstanding service and knowledge. All the new advice and tips I have been given just tremendous. As for the CRTD4 diesel chip I had no idea of the potential lying in my engine and the new rapid response from the fly by wire throttle due to the fitting of the Windbooster 9 mode is amazing. I’ve only had them fitted and it’s so obvious the dramatic change is astonishing! The price was amazing as well, didn’t think I could get such quality products for this sort of money. I have no hesitation in recommending Diesel Chip Tuning to anyone driving a turbo diesel vehicle, it’s like driving someone else’s car now...and a powerful one at that. I have the chip currently set to 6 and 1.2 on the Windbooster, it makes for a potent but cohesive delivery of extra power! Thanks Again James and Daniel ! Regards David


  • CRDT4

    After procrastinating for months about which way to improve my performance on my hilux , and after checking out what was available. I finally decided on the CRDT4. Im glad I took the plunge .The installation was as stated, took all of 20 minutes, I guess Iwas a bit fussy. The Instructions were actually in English and very simple to grasp ,I read through them three times over the week before installing, and to my delight it lit up


  • CRDT4

    Took a long time for me to decide which way to go for slight power gain, to tow a 5.5mtr boat. This unit was an easy install, and great instructions in English.Contact cleaned all the plugs before connecting and small amount of sealant around each plug for complete seal. Only thing I found was I had to carefully squeeze the plugs together with pliers to make sure that they did in fact click together. worked straight away and drove 40ks and found for me set on 6 to be ideal. Very happy with product enough power in reserve if I ever need it , just have to test out the fuel figures which I don't think will be too much of a problem.Would certainly recommend this unit for noticeable gains,not a wrx but will easy tow a good size boat or van, and is fully adjustable Many thanks.


  • CRDT4

    I had a tuning box like this many years ago back in the Uk so was aware of the benefits. I ordered this new box just after buying my car, and am very pleased with the results. I'm currently running it on setting number 5, and it behaves like any other Golf, until you plant your foot into the carpet and feel the power difference! Economy has definitely improved too. I averaged 5.5 from the last tank before I fitted the tuning box, and so far it suggests I'm gonna get around 1200 km's to this tank! Would definitely recommend fitting one of these to any car!


  • Ford Territory

    Hi guys :) I put mt chip in yesterday 2014 diesel Territory went for good drive. Changed the settings to 7 and done about 100 km. The instant economy is down to 6.6 - 6.7 . and pulls like a train. I just wanted to say thank you very much. kind regards joe


  • Multi Channel Tuner, Wind Booster

    Ford Ranger 3.2 + Throttle Controller. Loving the combo i bought, feels like a totally different Ute! i have it on a moderate setting and it feels a lot more powerful and the wind booster makes all the difference... i highly recommend! Good phone support all the way from buying the thing to installing.

    Tony Costanzo

  • Crtd4

    2016 Hilux 2.8D SR5 Awesome Product at a fair price unlike others on the market that are out to rob you in the process!!! Not to mention the hopeless afterservice..... Anyway I'm more than happy I found TDI Chip Tuning!!!!! WOW!!! This is a fantastic product and love driving again!!! Does what it says..................NO BULL


  • diesel chip

    Mitsubishi Challenger 2.5 Just installed the chip and took it for a run, smooths out the vibrations better acceleration and the fuel economy went from 9.6 to 8.7 cant wait to hook up the van (22ft) next week. A great investment, thank you

    owen morris

  • VP44 Tuning Box

    2004 RA Rodeo 4x4 dualcab auto Just received and fitted my tuning box ,, took it for a run in Medium setting,, super impressed with the performance ,, then set the high setting and I am blown away with the difference,,, no more lag off the mark and the auto gearbox has never been smoother, now that it has power to drive the box properly,,,,,couldn't be happier , would recommend to anyone thinking of doing the upgrade

    Gavin Corbett

  • Land Rover Discovery 4

    Land Rover Discovery 4 I hate messing around in the bowels of an engine, but I love what engine chips can do for a car, so it was with much trepidation that I made inquiries on this site. Within a few hours I had been sent the full instructions on how to install the chip in my Land Rover. I made various inquiries after reading the instructions, and all of them were answered within minutes by email. I placed the order from Tasmania on a Monday afternoon. The chip arrived the next day! Everything you could possibly need was included in the packing: instructions, cable ties (of various sizes) and of course the chip and wiring harness, which was beautifully assembled. I did struggle a little to fit one of the plugs, only because my hands are big and I couldn't really see what I was doing, but eventually managed to clip it all together and mount the unit. The effort required meant I would not have been surprised had I pulled out one of the wires accidentally, but when I turned on the ignition, everything lit up like it was supposed to. My car started instantly, and the first thing I noticed on taking it for a test drive was that the low-end turbo lag had been largely eliminated. As I write this, I have only driven it for about 10 kms, but can definitely notice a big difference. The service these guys gave me is absolutely top notch (thank you James, and sorry I kept bugging you). Really! I cannot recommend them highly enough. As for the product, so far so good. I've had bad experiences with other brand chips on a Toyota D4D diesel and OKA (Cummings) truck, but this one seems to be working a treat (so far). Thanks again for your outstanding service.


  • 335i Multi Channel Tuning Chip

    BMW E93 335i I can't speak highly enough of the service I received from the guys at Diesel Chip Tuning. I have a E93 335i twin turbo BMW and unfortunately my car didn't accept the chip on first connection but that didn't stop the team working hard on R&D back in England to get one of the best performance chip I've ever had. Two technicians even took 2 hours out while in Australia to perform detailed diagnostics on my vehicle (free) and then spent nearly 2 months developing a specialized solution for my car and all of this was not one cent more than the off the shelf product. The result is absolutely amazing - a super power house without sacrificing any of the BMW quality ride. If you're considering purchasing a plug in tuner you must talk to these guys in the first instance. My mate has installed a multi channel unit from Diesel Chip Tuning into his Audi A4 2.0 and he is also stoked with the chip.

    Paul Simpson

  • Multi ChannelTuner

    Ford focus 2013 st Hi all just fitted tuner to my car best performance money I have spent plug in and go John

    John MacKay

  • Navara ST-R 2.5 D22

    Navara ST-R 2.5 D22 I just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know I installed the chip you supplied me today. I was absolutely shocked at how much the bottom end pick up had increased. Mid range was also awesome as a matter of fact it was fast and smooth right through the rev range. It has now removed any lag down low and although it is supposed to help in economy I can see myself sticking it in to it too much for a while. I only went around the local area where I got to try it up to 80k's so I am looking forward to seeing how it runs over the coming days and weeks on the open road. I was initially a bit skeptical as your product is way cheaper than any competitors product I looked at. My neighbours were so impressed I think you will get a sale in the near future. I would gladly recommend your product to anyone without hesitation. Cheers, Mick


  • Twin Channel Diesel Chip

    Mitsubishi Pajero We received the diesel chip, put it in ,all good, taken it for a bit of spin running good , down to 9lts/ 100 from 11/100 city running, plenty of power and no lag, haven't towed the caravan as of yet but will give you the figures when i do, iam only going for the best fuel accompany. Regards/Rob


  • Twin channel

    Hyundia 2014 i30 Premium CRDi Very quick delivery 2 days from ordering, very easy to install 10minutes I went straight to the full power setting and am amazed at the power and even on full power setting freeway driving I have gone from 6.2 per 100 to 5.3 per 100 The extra power makes it feel like a different car I also installed k&n filter at same time Only one thing I don't know if the auto gear box likes the extra power it has become a little ruff when changing gears I am glad I did it travelling 180ks a day on the freeway I will Save heaps in fuel and enjoy driving again


  • NIssan X-Trail

    Nissan X-Trail Install very easy and you could tell the improvement to the bottom end pull straight away. Great product and service. Highly recommend.


  • Renault dci115

    Renault dci115 Fitted twin channel to my Renault van to get rid of the down low lag which it did but I was also surprised it also got better fuel economy and pulls allot stronger up hills. Will be putting one on my Crafter next and hope I also great the same result.


  • Audi Q5 3.0

    2011 Audi Q5 3.0 Received chip the day after I ordered it. Thanks for the fast delivery. Installed chip which was easy. Took only 10 minutes. The turbo lag has disappeared and it has more low down to mid pull and is using about 15{6209c86cf6fb0ac6e48160a53cd2518c5265d83f19a78f47dd95f0d5fd7012e9} less fuel than before. Took off just recently for service and that's when you notice the difference this chip makes. Great product, A1 service


  • VW Passat

    VW Amorak 2.0 TDI just an email to let you know how happy I am after installing the performance chip in my 2011 Volkswagen Passat 125tdi, it was a very simple operation as you suggested it would be, after fitting it I took it for a run that consisted of a 300 km round trip from here in Traralgon to Melbourne and return which consisted of urban and country running ranging between 100 to 110 Km/h, before fitting the box I was averaging 5.8ltrs per 100 ks for the trip, and after fitting the box the consumption has dropped to 4.2ltrs per 100 ks over the same route with the same conditions which is absolutely awesome!!! and it drives like a different car too, so responsive, not that there was anything wrong with the way that it went before, (I am tempted to try the next setting towards the performance side to see what the overall difference would be like?) as you can gather from this email James I am one VERY happy customer and I will be certainly recommending this product to anyone who is interested,


  • Holden Colorado 2.8

    Bought and installed my chip some 2 weeks ago. Easy to install, improved performance as the turbo lag that has been my bug bear has disappeared without compromising fuel economy. Currently running on setting 6 and love the way my car now responds to quick take off into merging traffic. Car should have been built this way from day one.


  • Toyota Prado

    Toyota Prado 3.0 D4-D Received my Chip and am very happy so far, Fuel Consumption is down approx. 2lts per 100 for around town driving. Power comes on smooth across rev range. Am heading back to Fraser soon so will test the extra torque with the trailer on the back. Easy to install with any questions handled ASAP.


  • BMW X3 Diesel Chip

    placed my order over a long weekend and it arrived on the Tuesday after the holiday, now that's express post. Fitting was simple and only took about 20 minutes. Easy to follow instructions. Once fitted, tested and adjusted, the difference was astounding, can't wait to hitch up our 3 tonne caravan and see what the extra fuel benefits will be. If the other performance enhancements are any guide then it should be just as astounding. Well done guys, great service, fabulous product and I fail to understand why some pay over $2000 for the same result.


  • Twin Channel Tuning box

    I installed your product over the weekend and I must say I'm very impressed with the results. I went up to the second last position on the pin which feels spot on for power and if driven with a light foot excellent fuel economy. Even the wife is impressed with how effortless it is to accelerate now. Thank you for all your help and advice.


  • Golf diesel chip

    Great improvement to my Golf. I bought the twin channel and it was so easy to install. Connected chip to my 2009 Golf and was quite impressed with the result as I was a bit sceptical but it does what it claims. Great stuff. Now my Golf feels like a GTI. Thanks for all the help