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  • CRTD4 Twin Channel, Bluetooth and Windbooster 3S

    I must thank James and Daniel for their professinalism. I was invited to their workshop for imstallation. Everything was expalined in detail on how it all works together to achieve a great result for a vehicle that was extremely sluggish. After the initial test drive, I was very impressed with the difference in power. After the throttle controller was installed, the response and driveability was completely changed for the better. I could not be any happier and would highly recommend this installation to anyone with a Diesel engine. Thanks guys.


  • CRDT4

    I purchased this unit primarily to improve the torque of the engine for towing the caravan. If the fuel consumption ( 17.7l per 100km) stayed the same all good as I wanted the improved torque for dragging the van up hills. To my surprise, today the first trip towing the van over 200kms of varied road conditions I averaged 16l per 100kms. This was on the factory preset number 4 setting. So saving 1.7l per hundred will soon have the turning module paying for itself. Very impressed.

    Andrew McRae

  • CRTD2

    Just wanted to provide you with some more feedback on your product now that it has been installed in my 2007 Pajero for a few weeks. WOW! I did not expect the change to be so marked. I have noticed an increase in power and torque. But by far and away the most impressive thing is the fuel economy. I am getting 100K extra out of a tank. Is that possible or am I missing something? Best thing I have done for this car ever! Congratulations on a fine product.


  • CRTD4

    Tuning box arrived today and was a breeze to install. Took me longer to cable tie the cabling than to install it.!! Went for a 70km drive as recommended on setting 4 and the car is just transformed. The low rpm response is just night and day from before. The auto gearbox also seems happier with the extra response and doesn’t hunt between the first 3 gears as much. Great product so far and look forward to exploring the other 6 settings.


  • CRTD4

    All I can say is WOW!!! What a total difference my car is. It has transformed the car into a screamer. Best thing I have ever purchased. Fantastic Tuning Unit. Thankyou Reno

    Nazzareno Santosuosso

  • CRTD4

    The tuning box makes a definite difference to the power. I've done over a thousand kilometres with it on. The most effective setting for this vehicle is 7, the lower settings use more fuel and deliver less power. The overall fuel consumption is similar to standard so no improvements there however as stated previously, there is a definite power improvement especially at low RPM.

    Tony Cooper