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Q: There are allot of Diesel Chips/Tuning Boxes on the market. Why Choose yours?

A: Our Diesel Chips are a unique, state of the art diesel tuning boxes which are individually programmed to suit your exact vehicle, unlike most other brands that are a One Box Fits All type of tuning box. Our exclusive plug in technology enables our systems to deliver a smooth and efficient increase in performance whilst significantly improving your fuel economy.

Q: Does your Diesel Chip Unit increase rail pressure to get more power?

A: Our Diesel Chips do not rely on increasing rail pressure, like some other brands which increase rail pressures to unsafe levels, to obtain more power from your vehicle. Our units contain a computer  microprocessor that works with the vehicle’s original ECU to manage better fuel delivery.

Q: How does increasing the engines power improve fuel economy?

A: In addition to controlling the fuel delivery, and turbo boost on some models, our Diesel and Petrol Chips provides more torque through the engine, particularly in the low to mid range. This allows the driver to change up to higher gears more quickly, and able to use for longer. Fuel economy improvements are delivered as a result of this control over the fuel system and the effects of more torque. Results can vary between vehicles and can be influenced by personal driving styles.

Q: Will this damage my engine, are they safe?

A: All our systems are completely safe and will not damage an engine in any way. We have been tuning diesel and Petrol vehicles for many years and have extensive knowledge on what settings each system needs for the specific vehicle it’s being installed on. All of your vehicle’s existing safety features are always in full control of your engine. None of our systems override or alter your vehicle’s original Factory ECU settings at any time.

Q: Will this void or affect my warranty?

A: No our units wont void your warranty but some dealerships and service centre’s will tell you otherwise. At DCT we recommend that you remove your unit before servicing to avoid any arguments on this matter. All our diesel tuning boxes are designed to plug in and be removed very quickly and easily. This ensures that if you wish to remove the system for maintenance or servicing you can do this quickly and easily.

Q: Are your systems detectable by during Servicing?

A: None of our diesel or Petrol tuning boxes alter your vehicle’s ECU or other electronics or make permanent changes which would be detectable. However they can be quickly and easily removed altogether if you choose at any time reverting your vehicle to factory standard leaving no trace of it ever being connected.

Q: Do I need to fit a better exhaust system or do any other modifications?

A: The changing of the exhaust system can sometimes give better performance combined with a chip but is not a requirement. DCT units can be fitted to Stock or modified diesel vehicles. There is no need to do any other modifications.

Q: How does this system fit?

A: Most of our tuning box systems connect onto the fuel injection system, and the turbo boost sensor within the engine bay. The connector loom we provide has a genuine male and female connector fitted to ensure you can easily remove the connector from your engine, plug this into one connector on our loom and then the other back into your engine so the tuning box sits in-line with your vehicle’s existing electronics. Easy step by step installation Guide, including pictures, are also supplied. You’ll only need a screw driver or basic tools to install our systems as they plug straight into your engine quickly.

Q: Can I swap this system to another vehicle?

A: In many cases you can do, however you may need to send the unit back to use to be re configured to suit your new vehicle. All this work is very reasonably priced and simple to sort out. Please contact us for more information.

Q: I don’t seem to be able to find my vehicle?

A: If you can’t find your vehicle using our Vehicle Finder drop Down Boxes on our web site then please do not hesitate to send us an email query or call us and we’ll do our best to advise you if a system is available. We’re always adding new vehicle’s so it’s best to check if in doubt.

Q: Can I adjust the power setting?

A: Yes, our units are fully adjustable. We pre-set all units to an optimal setting to give you a good blend of gains/economy  prior to shipping so in most cases it’s plug and go. You still have the ability to fine tune your unit by selecting one of the other 21 preloaded map settings as described in the Installation Guide supplied with your Diesel or Petrol Chip.

Q: What money back Guarantees and product Warranty do you offer?

A: All our diesel Chips come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year product warranty (See our Terms and Conditions on our Website)