DCT-Keypad Digital Tuning Box


Cutting Edge Performance Tuning

The DCT Keypad model is our entry level Tuning Module, even though its more advanced than allot of others in the market place. Is suitable for vehicles with turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines and can manage multiple sensors simultaneously. With this tuning module, you will get high level of quality for a budgetary price. It offers up to 7 tuning levels easily selected via an external keypad.


7 vehicle specific preloaded mapping programs
External Keypad Map selection making adjustment easy to adjust
Controls up to 2 sensor inputs simultaneously
Suits both Turbo Petrol and Diesel engines
Can be reprogrammed to suit other vehicles (Subjected to compatibility)
Quick Plug N Play Installation (Approx 10-20 minutes for most vehicles)
Totally undetectable once removed reverting vehicle back to original factory state
Not Bluetooth compatible. See DCT-KEYPAD PLUS for Bluetooth model