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CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box Chip (New Release)


Cutting Edge Performance Tuning

The Multi-Channel Tuning system, for Petrol vehicles, is at the cutting edge of digital tuning box technology and represents a revolution in vehicle remapping. With custom designed and engineered micro-processor architecture the remaps vehicle performance moment to moment based on data received via the engine sensor interface harness. The engine fuelling profile of the vehicle is then altered to improve power and torque delivery whilst eliminating flat spots in individual gear acceleration arcs, creating a smoother and more responsive drive experience. In addition to additional Power and Torque our Multi-Channel model also remaps Turbo delivery by having it activate earlier in the rpm range and acceleration smoother, more greatly improved.

A Revolution In Vehicle Performance Tuning

For domestic vehicle owners, the Mutli-Channel represents great value with its seven operation mode settings which allows owners to adjust power and torque output between maximum economy and maximum power, perfect for switching between everyday driving and long-haul trips. Our CRTD4® range of products can also be reprogrammed for use in over 90{6209c86cf6fb0ac6e48160a53cd2518c5265d83f19a78f47dd95f0d5fd7012e9} of other turbo Diesel and Petrol vehicles, meaning you can change your vehicle often as you want safe in the knowledge your CRTD4® can be used again.

Key Features

Reprogrammable Product

Our tuning boxes can be used on future vehicles you may come

to own via a low cost reprogram service with a 48hr turnaround.

Traceless Once Removed

Once removed, our products leave no trace of having been installed

and completely return the vehicle to factory standard operations.

Custom Programmed For Your Vehicle

The software our tuning boxes come pre-loaded with is completely

custom to the specific engine variant, nothing generic.

Simple Plug & Play Installation

Easily installed in under 10 minutes requiring no specialist tools or

mechanical ability and absolutely no physical modifications to the engine.

ECU & EGR Safe

Our products typically interface with your vehicle via the fuel and boost sensors,

ensuring your ECU is always in control and no damage can come to your engine.

Increased Power And Torque

Release the hidden potential of your engine and benefit from greater

power and torque, transforming your daily drive experience.