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Customer reviews

  • Golf diesel chip

    2009 VW Golf VI Great improvement to my Golf. I bought the twin channel and it was so easy to install. Connected chip to my 2009 Golf and was quite impressed with the result as I was a bit sceptical but it does what it claims. Great stuff. Now my Golf feels like a GTI. Thanks for all the help


  • Twin Channel Tuning box

    Porsche Cayenne 3.0 I installed your product over the weekend and I must say I'm very impressed with the results. I went up to the second last position on the pin which feels spot on for power and if driven with a light foot excellent fuel economy. Even the wife is impressed with how effortless it is to accelerate now. Thank you for all your help and advice.


  • BMW X3 Diesel Chip

    BMW X3 xDrive20d placed my order over a long weekend and it arrived on the Tuesday after the holiday, now that's express post. Fitting was simple and only took about 20 minutes. Easy to follow instructions. Once fitted, tested and adjusted, the difference was astounding, can't wait to hitch up our 3 tonne caravan and see what the extra fuel benefits will be. If the other performance enhancements are any guide then it should be just as astounding. Well done guys, great service, fabulous product and I fail to understand why some pay over $2000 for the same result.


  • Toyota Prado

    Toyota Prado 3.0 D4-D Received my Chip and am very happy so far, Fuel Consumption is down approx. 2lts per 100 for around town driving. Power comes on smooth across rev range. Am heading back to Fraser soon so will test the extra torque with the trailer on the back. Easy to install with any questions handled ASAP.


  • Holden Colorado 2.8

    Holden RG Colorado 2.8 Bought and installed my chip some 2 weeks ago. Easy to install, improved performance as the turbo lag that has been my bug bear has disappeared without compromising fuel economy. Currently running on setting 6 and love the way my car now responds to quick take off into merging traffic. Car should have been built this way from day one.


  • VW Passat

    VW Amorak 2.0 TDI just an email to let you know how happy I am after installing the performance chip in my 2011 Volkswagen Passat 125tdi, it was a very simple operation as you suggested it would be, after fitting it I took it for a run that consisted of a 300 km round trip from here in Traralgon to Melbourne and return which consisted of urban and country running ranging between 100 to 110 Km/h, before fitting the box I was averaging 5.8ltrs per 100 ks for the trip, and after fitting the box the consumption has dropped to 4.2ltrs per 100 ks over the same route with the same conditions which is absolutely awesome!!! and it drives like a different car too, so responsive, not that there was anything wrong with the way that it went before, (I am tempted to try the next setting towards the performance side to see what the overall difference would be like?) as you can gather from this email James I am one VERY happy customer and I will be certainly recommending this product to anyone who is interested,


  • Audi Q5 3.0

    2011 Audi Q5 3.0 Received chip the day after I ordered it. Thanks for the fast delivery. Installed chip which was easy. Took only 10 minutes. The turbo lag has disappeared and it has more low down to mid pull and is using about 15% less fuel than before. Took off just recently for service and that's when you notice the difference this chip makes. Great product, A1 service


  • Renault dci115

    Renault dci115 Fitted twin channel to my Renault van to get rid of the down low lag which it did but I was also surprised it also got better fuel economy and pulls allot stronger up hills. Will be putting one on my Crafter next and hope I also great the same result.


  • NIssan X-Trail

    Nissan X-Trail Install very easy and you could tell the improvement to the bottom end pull straight away. Great product and service. Highly recommend.


  • Twin channel

    Hyundia 2014 i30 Premium CRDi Very quick delivery 2 days from ordering, very easy to install 10minutes I went straight to the full power setting and am amazed at the power and even on full power setting freeway driving I have gone from 6.2 per 100 to 5.3 per 100 The extra power makes it feel like a different car I also installed k&n filter at same time Only one thing I don't know if the auto gear box likes the extra power it has become a little ruff when changing gears I am glad I did it travelling 180ks a day on the freeway I will Save heaps in fuel and enjoy driving again