CRTD4 Marine Diesel Tuning Box Chip

CRTD4 MULTI Channel Tuning Box - 3


Diesel Tuning Systems from TDI-Tuning significantly increase your boat's performance, assist planning and improve your fuel economy!

Wished you'd opted for that bigger engine? Then why not transform your boat with our CRTD4 system? Our diesel tuning systems can be installed in 5 minutes giving you instant increases in power and torque.


Cutting Edge Marine Tuning Technology

The CRTD4® Marine Diesel Tuning Box from TDI-Tuning  is at the cutting edge of digital tuning box technology for marine engines and represents a revolution in engine performance remapping. Powered by an 80 MHz ARM microprocessor, the CRTD4 remaps engine output moment to moment based on data received via the engine sensor interface harness. The engine fuelling profile of the vehicle is then remapped to improve power and torque


Boost Engine Performance Safely

For Marine vehicles the CRTD4® Marine Diesel Tuning Box is a versatile engine tuning solution. For larger engine vessels the increases in power and torque will ensure that even under the most trying weather conditions the engine(s) will be able to produce the torque needed to maintain smooth sailing. For smaller crafts our tuning solution can be switched between 7 modes, from least to greatest performance gains, allowing you to find the optimum engine output combination for your leisure boat.